Chick and Egg hunt (midi box size)
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Chick and Egg hunt (midi box size)

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The box can be used in many different ways to naturally fill sensory and creativity needs. No session will ever be the same and that’s part of the magic. 

Our sensory boxes will take away all the stress of play preparation, and provide something that’s creatively curated.

Important Warning: Before using this product, please be aware that this is not suitable for children under the age of 36 months due to the small components, and risk of choking. Adult supervision is needed at all times. The play dough is for play purposes only and not for consumption. Please contact us if you need any further information on this.

(disclaimer: products shown in the photographs are not always accurate due to their authenticity and where possible handmade nature and not all products in the photographs are not included, some are shown as part of the display.)

Included in this sensory box as follows:

Wooden Chick (handcrafted by Little Hilde Wooden Toys)

Set of Easter Themed Components (Wooden Elements & Loose Parts)

Sensory Play Material (Yellow Sunshine Bio Dough with Pineapple Lumps Scent)

Sensory Play Material (Kinetic Sand - Natural)

Sensory Play Material (Woodland Green Sensory Rice)

Wooden Egg Cup & Egg

Mini Carrot

Chick Dough & Sand Cutter/Tool/Stamp

Signature Calico Bag

Easter Themed Mindful Colouring

Plus complimentary: Mini Bunny & Egg Shortbread Easter Set by Betty B Cookies.