Mumma life

This is my first ever blog! Yayyy I couldnt be more excited to start writing a blog on all things mumma life has taught me and other random things along the way! Because hey I ain’t no perfect human, I regularly laugh at myself on the daily and think ‘thank god no one was watching that’. Bonus for anyone who is. 


This first blog is about my own personal philosophy or vibe I have being a mumma to my now 15 month old son, Romeo. 


  1. Where does the time go?! 

Before Romeo I thought I made good use of my time and having a baby would be a breeze, plenty of time in the day to get everything done…well this is only slightly true. Yes there is time but would I rather be on the couch drinking my 8th tea of the day? YOU BETCHA I WOULD. I now laugh at the old me. I’ve learnt to simply enjoy each moment and try to remember that one day my son will be bigger than me more interested in football than giving me a hug. 



I’ve always been a relatively calm person when in quite busy situations, in fact I thrive on it. However becoming a mum, I wanted my son to be calm and cool rather than getting overwhelmed. Too breathe and figure it out. Which is a extremely difficult thing when you have a toddler set on eating one more cat biscuit and mumma’s a bit worn out from a long day. Keeping a calm voice when trying to explain to your toddler anything is something I try my hardest to do, so that he too will be able to stay calm in situations when he gets older. 

3. Get messy vs mess

I love love love Romeo to get amongst the outdoors and everything that comes with it! Grass, bark, dirt, rocks, leaves, sticks and anything else he can put in his mouth, all are ways of learning for his young brain. The textures, smells and even tastes show him something new and different he didn’t know. Now onto the mess - the hurricane that comes whirling through our lounge with no signs of slowing down, the climbing monster that pulls books, trucks and blocks from the shelves all over the floor. I laugh and see him happy rummaging around and think ‘well it only takes ten minutes to put everything back at the end of the day.

Im going to leave it there fam, hope you enjoyed having a quick read if you any comments send a message on Instagram - whimsicalworldnz 

Have a beautiful day!